About KUO Fire Safety

KUO Fire enjoys an excellent reputation for technical innovation in fire safety and quality of service. We are proud of our diverse client base in both the public and private sectors. Our professional relationships are built and maintained by involving senior personnel in all aspects of a project from its primary development to design and implementation.

Our Services


Great customer service is our primary focus and we’ll do whatever it takes to exceed our client’s expectations. Our professional staff supports our customers by establishing long term relationships with the common goal of promoting life safety and code compliance.


From a new building being constructed to changing the use of an existing space, we can help you select the right fire safety technology for your particular needs. This will reduce maintenance costs, minimize false alarms, and provide peace of mind.


Kuo Fire Safety recognizes our customers’ needs by integrating all code required inspections into one comprehensive package. We understand it is crucial that all of your fire safety systems work together and for this reason, it’s critical to test them together.

Why KUO Fire Safety

KUO Fire specializes in branded firefighting equipment, electromechanical services, personal protective equipment, CCTV camera, and burglar alarm systems. We work with an array of companies and institutions across the country and our clients include many top corporations.

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